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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzagnr View Post
    here is the link
    even the intake noise, today i tested it again, listened to it carefully its less noticeably.
    even i said my girlfriend to tell which setup was louder (without telling her which filter was in) and she said factory was louder.
    and finally, i put both filters in front of my face, and try to blow air and put my other hand at the other side, and the OEM filter lets pass more wind...
    i also tried to expose them to direct sunlight, and the OEM let pass more light.
    hard to believe but true.
    anyway, i am building a custom CAI, i will order directly to K&N usa a dry cone for the intake and measure peformance.
    That's really bizarre. If it's physically obstructing air, that would explain the loss of power

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    If you want to test US product, I had an Amsoil dry air filter : it was tested among the less restrictive and most efficient by the EVO community
    It seems it is banded Injen / amsoil now nanofiber technology
    my model was good enough for 420hp

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