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    2009/10 Swift SZ4 rear bumper


    I am looking to buy a replacement rear bumper for my Mum's 2010 Suzuki Swift SZ4, as the current bumper has a crack in it. It is the pre-facelift shape, however most bumpers seem to be for the Swift GLX models, which are a slightly different rear bumper.

    I would be looking at getting a good second hand part at a reasonable price, and most likely fitting it at home as it doesn't seem too difficult to do. I was quoted £50 for a rear bumper in White but for a GLX, and a new bumper for an SZ4 would cost over £200 from a dealer. It seems that I can only ever find bumpers for GLX models or the facelift Swifts, neither of which I am looking for.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of anywhere good to get a rear bumper, or is there a specific part number for the 2010 Swift SZ4 rear bumper.

    Any advice or recommendations would be very much appreciated.
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